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About Us

We are a team of therapists committed to understanding and promoting healthy, stable and fulfilling relationships between families and couples

We are dedicated to provide support to those families who are struggling through crisis or difficulties, whether with their partners or with their children.

Our goal is to spread scientific knowledge from the most recent research findings on health and human relationships, as well as to train professionals to work with families and couples.

At the core of our practice is the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, known worldwide as the couple’s therapy method with the strongest scientific evidence and the best outcomes measured for the last 40 years with thousands of couples. This method has the highest effectivity rates to reach happiness and stability.

We are the first advanced trained group of professionals using this Method in Latin America and the first Spanish speaking professionals that are Gottman Certified in our countries. We work tirelessly to bring to families and couples high quality therapy, workshops and seminars endorsed by The Gottman Institute from Seatlle.

We divided our work into three different areas with the following goals:


We help couples and families to keep and amplify the abilities that promote connection and stability between partners. We also bring tools to facilitate the communication, enhance the emotional connection and promote a healthy dialogue to solve conflicts.


We help the couple identify and analyze what cause the distance, the crack or the wounds in the relationship so they can put together a strategy to live a stable and satisfying life.

Professional training

We train professionals so they can learn a practical evidence-based method to improve their therapeutic work with couples. These trainings are completely in Spanish and are a part of the official training program from The Gottman Institute.

We believe people can reach their full potential if they are provided with a safe and rich environment and we bring this spirit to our work and our team.