Join the millions of couples around the world who have benefited from the Gottman Method for healthy, lasting relationships.


Of all the adventures you can start during your life, none will be as important nor will have as much impact as the choice to live with a partner: research has found a strong correlation between health and marital satisfaction, longevity and marital satisfaction but also between long lasting conflict and some mental disorders such as depression or anxiety.

And yet, we pay so little attention to the preparation to marriage and life with a partner. There seems to be a wide spread idea that we can learn on our own the abilities we need in order to have a satisfying and functional relationship. Maybe that’s why so many couples divorce or go separate ways.

We know that the abilities necessary to live this adventure successfully can, and should, be learned.

Whether you are starting a relationship or you have been with your partner for years you can learn the tools based on years of research that will make a more intimate and satisfying relationship.

Our specialized psychologists and therapists have many resources to help couples improve their relationship.
  • Through the Workshops The Art and Science of Love, for those couples who feel their relationship is strong but wish to learn the abilities to keep it that way.
  • By taking the assessment and diagnostics process of the relationship and consulting about the best course of action, even without considering starting therapy.
  • By starting a therapeutic process for those couples who are struggling through a difficult moment and need some assistance, whether with a crisis or a single issue that feels stuck.

We believe everybody can have strong and satisfying relationship if we are willing to work for it.