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Bertha Alicia Alcorte Orozco

Bertha Alicia Alcorte Orozco

  • Licenciada en Psicología Clínica, con Maestría en Terapia Familiar y Doctorado en Ciencias de la Familia.
  • Terapeuta de familia y de pareja desde 1987.
  • Terapeuta Certificada en el Método Gottman.
  • Entrenamiento en manejo de eventos traumáticos.
  • Entrenadora de Talleres “El Arte y la Ciencia de Amar”.

English and Spanish Attention

I started out as a family therapist, working with families with children with behavior problems and diagnosing children and adolescents with learning and behavior problems.

I later trained as a therapist in trauma management through EMDR and began working with trauma patients and their families.

Little by little I began to see the importance of helping parents -both in cases of behavioral problems and in those of patients who had experienced traumatic events- to establish agreements, solve their differences without involving their children and establish a climate of emotional security within the family.

This led me to deepen my studies on counseling and couples therapy, and thus I learned about the Gottman Method, which is now the basis of my work with couples and parents. I became certified as a Gottman Therapist in 2017, for which I am recognized by the Gottman Institute of the United States.

In addition to professional training, I base my work on a deep respect for people's ability to grow, love and transcend, and I consider that when this ability is blocked, it is when symptoms and suffering appear. That is why in all therapeutic work I seek that people have access to all their capacities.